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Some informations for your holiday in Rome

Travel Rome: a slogan that towers over the catalogs of the major international Tour Operator and Travel Agencies. Travel Rome understood as organized trips to Rome, including all the necessary services to the reception of the customers. A vessel that can containing all aspects of the Incoming touristic Industry in the Capital.

Travel Rome designed for all needs and financial resources, thanks to the diversification in service's prices, which nowadays come in a range that goes from cheap to luxury. This is mainly due to the great development of various sectors of the Incoming touristic Industry, now able to provide services for all kind of budgets. Years ago, one of the only way to stay in Rome, was represented by hotels included in the circuit. These despite the different quality categories, failed to meet event the modest demands of prices.

Year after year it was developed a network of extra-hotel accommodations, that despite the wide range of services offered, could be able to keep prices very competitive. We are speaking of structure such as bed and breakfast, guest house, rent rooms, which have brought so much benefit to the touristic accommodation industry of Rome and the rest of Italy. The "basic" concept of sleeping and having breakfast proposal, has rekindled the interest of many tourists that, because of economic problems, had given up to a visit to the Eternal City. The services provision is inevitably less expensive than any services proposed by hotels, even the "half board". The competition between these different structures have been harsh in the early days of the onset of b & b, and than re-stabilize in a normal market competition. Today, the b&b are ideal solution for short term trips for group of friends or small families. The saving in this cases are really guaranteed.

But where are this structures and what are the area most requested by costumers?

The bed and breakfast in Rome are now so large in number to be able to cover the whole of the Capital, from the city center to outlying districts.

With regard of the preference of tourists, there is not a unique interpretation. It really depends on why you go to town. The wide range of Art that Rome has to offer them, creates a precise diversification. There are tourists interested in archeological excavations of the Roman Empire, other attract from the glitz of Baroque buildings and monuments, many from other collection of the city's Museum. Many tourist are professionals who need to stay for work in certain areas than in others.

The organization of holidays to Rome, must therefore take account of the precise reason of the trip, and from time to time to provide the best type of accommodation, especially in terms of location. Rome is in fact a sprawling city with a large and dislocate center. Move from one district to another may be less easy than you think. What the Tour Operator should always be able to do, is to interpret the needs of its costumers, making as easy as possible the satisfaction of all this needs. Let do some example to clarify this concept.

If you were sitting in front of a group of friends who want to find the roman's nightlife and have some fun, then we may show them some neighborhood where they can spend their time in a funny way. In this case we may recommend an overnight stay in apartments and bed and breakfast Trastevere, a neighborhood known for the presence of many pubs, discos, restaurants, where they can spend a few hours of fun. We speak of structures such as Apartment Trastevere and Studio Flat Trastevere, located in two different areas of the districts. From this structures can be easily reach Piazza Santa Maria in Trastevere, the true heart of the quarter. The Apartment has a capacity of five people, while the Studio Flat of three guests. They are thus excellent solution for small groups of friends. They are also extremely convenient facilities and comfortable rooms equipped with all possible options, including kitchenettes, where the guests can possibly get lunch and dinner.

But if we are dealing with lovers of Ancient Rome, then we can only advise the overnight facilities that are located near the Colosseo, Circo Massimo, Terme di Caracalla, Largo di Torre Argentina e Via dei Fori Imperiali, where you can enjoy the best cream of Roman archeological excavations. One night accommodation in Studio Flat Colosseo for example, located in Via del Boschetto, would be able to navigate by foot to these wonderful destinations. Again this is a property collected, with capacity of three people. A small apartment with a kitchenette and a nice hallway outside the first floor of a lovely building. Another structure is bed and breakfast Santa Maria Maggiore, with elegantly furnished rooms, all with en suite bathroom. The facility, located near Via Cavour, is equal distance from both the Colosseo and Via dei Fori Imperiali.