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Tourist Apartments in the center of Rome

Many are the apartments in Rome that offer stay in the Capital to the tourists. Apartments in Rome of all size to meet every request accommodation, from small to large group of people. Apartments in Rome's historic center, in the immediate vicinity of major tourist destinations of the City.

How do you explain this boom of request for apartments in Rome? What is so different from all other existing facilities? At the level of services offered and the host mode, we can say that the apartments are not so different respect other facilities such as bed and breakfast, home holiday, room rental etc etc: furniture care, extremely clean, rooms made of different services. The element that seems to characterized the apartments can be found on the type of living that the apartment's manages offer to their costumers. We speaking about the element of the privacy, which in this kind of structures result to be higher than all other of the Incoming category.
What do we mean?

The apartment are rented by a customers, and to him are fully reserved. There are not other customers in the building, as happen for example in bed and breakfast, that rented to different customers each rooms. In the apartment the whole structure is rented to one customers. This means that if we go to one of these lodge with our family or friends, we are the only people who use it. Another big different between apartments and bed and breakfasts, is the presence of the kitchen, and the ability to use it at will. Inside a b&b that is not possible, and the only meal that is provided by the operator is the breakfast, included in the price of the accommodation. Having instead the fully equipped kitchen available, the customers can dispose of it in a way that best suites their needs. May decide to cook all the meal of the day, or just lunch, or dinner. Often at the place of the big kitchen there are kitchenette (particularly applies to the flats of small size and studio flat), which are still equipped with the various dishes and then always ready for use. In short, renting an apartment, is like changing home for a short period. The respect for the privacy will not stop to make every customers feel fine and ease. This characteristic make come many request for this kind of accommodation, request for tourist around the world. The typical exclusivity of the apartments is in fact able to attract the kind of traveler who loves the ease and the utmost privacy and quiet, and does not intend to stay with strangers, no matter if their sleep in different rooms, as happen inside the bed and breakfast.

The apartments are also very attractive for professionals who travel in foreign cities for working reason, and needing accommodations comfortable and quite, perhaps to perform some kind of job training or to study in peace the topic of congresses or conferences.

The old town is now full of apartments for rent for tourist use. Very popular the studio flats in nearby areas such as Piazza di Spagna, Fontana di Trevi, Colosseo, Campo de' Fiori e Piazza Navona, from which you can reach by foot the main city's tourist destinations. Staying in one of these structures allow a total immersion in the typical humus and atmosphere of Rome, in direct contact with the everyday life of the city.

On our web site you can find a selection of some of the best apartments and studio flat of the Capital, chosen for their beauty, their location and range of services that are able to offer to their customers. These structures are very desirable, and therefore you are advised to ask well in advance about their availability, even during the low touristic season.