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Sightseeing in Rome, with tour bus

When we say Rome Tour we not intend just another trip to the city of Rome. Rome tour is also a word regarding the tours that you can do within the city amidst the beauty of its historical and cultural heritage.

There are various type of Rome tour and various way to implement them. Each of these Rome tour is designed for different types of customers: there are tour in the city center, tour of the major museums, parks tour, tour of churches and so on. Many of these tours are really the famous guided tour, so requested and appreciate by foreign audiences, which relies on the competence of the various Tour Operators to discover the wonders of the city. Some of these sightseeing are held in double-decker bus, with the second floor discovered, as the best know example of the London's double-decker.

Wandering the streets of Rome you can often encounter three types of double-decker bus carrying tourists: the Archeobus, the 110 Open and RomeChristian.

The first two are services offered to the customers directly by the Rome's Public Transport Company, ATAC, while the third one is part of the packages offered by private firm.

Let's define the characteristics of these guided tours, giving gradually peculiarities.

ARCHEOBUS: those buses are recognizable by their distinctive green color. They are designed for all lovers of archeological finds in Rome, as the name suggests. Its route runs along the city's historical center, then reach the historical Park of Appia Antica. From there you can get a guided tour of the sprawling catacombs. The bus terminal is near Termini Station on Viale Einaudi. During the tour it touches the fundamental goals of Rome, such as Piazza Venezia, Colosseo, Terme di Caracalla, Cafarella Park, Catacombs of San Callisto and San Sebastiano, Villa di Massenzio, Mausoleo di Romolo and Tomba di Cecilia Metella, and then rejoin its tour with a stop at the Bocca della Verità, and again at Termini. It is possible to buy different types of tikets: the Full Stop and Go, at price of € 12,00 for a durance of 48 hours; the Family Stop and Go, at price of € 40,00 for four people; the reduced No Stop, designed for groups at least of 25 people priced at € 10,00 and validity of one tour. Tickets can be bought inside the bus. The service runs from 09:00 am until 04:30 pm, the time of last race's start.

110 OPEN: the coach on which this serviced is offered, are of a bright red color. Compared to the Archeobus it is a specific line for the only historic city center. It offer to its guests the opportunity to see the city from a favorable position, especially for those who sit on the second floor of the bus. The bus leaving from Termini Station, on Viale Einaudi, just like the Archeobus. Along the way meets tourist destinations of the caliber of Colosseum, Circo Massimo, Bocca della Verità, Piazza Venezia, San Pietro Basilica, Ara Pacis, Fontana di Trevi, Piazza Barberini and then return to the Station. Tickets can be purchased inside the bus and have a cost of € 20,00 for a period of 48 hours; € 50,00 for a family ticket and € 12,00 for the groups. The first races begin at 08:30 am till 08:30 pm (last departure). The service is active for seven days a week.

ROMECHRISTIAN: these are bus designed for a tour of some of the major churches in the town center. The bus are yellow. The route carried through the city: it starts in San Pietro Vaticano, cross the Tiber, follows the path of Corso Vittorio Emanuele II. From there continue towards Piazza della Rotonda, with the church of Santa Maria dei Martiri and the Pantheon, continues to Santa Maria in Aracoeli, and Santa Maria degli Angeli (Termini), Santa Maria Maggiore, San Giovanni in Laterano, the Colosseo, the Circo Massimo, the Tiber Island, San Bartolomeo and the Palazzo Farnese. So you draw a sort of elliptical trajectory. The price of the ticket is around € 19,00 and provides some services like audio guides in different languages. It is valid for 24 hours. For the prices of € 22,00 the ticket valid 48 hours. With € 20,00 you can buy the Vatican and Rome Card, valid for 24 hours.