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A basic service, minimal, inexpensive

The rooms used for tourist incoming service in Rome are many, stepped within the accommodation very different between themselves, having different services and amenities.

Rooms in Rome in the historical center or I outlying areas. Rooms in Rome for all tastes and budgets. If you search room in Rome you are really spoiled for choice. It is sufficient access the web notice. Modern web sites and portal dedicated to tourist accommodation of the Capital, are now able to show the interior of all accommodations available, and detail to inform about prices and services with the relevant technical specification. The interactive maps typically presents in these web sites also indicates the exact position of the chosen structures within the city, making the same choice even easier and more precise. But what type of rooms there are in Rome? What can the tourist find in the area dedicates to the overnight?

Everything, simply everything.
What does it means? It means that in Rome there are all the possible facilities, which cover the wide range of daily requests that the city receives. Grand Hotel, guest house, hostels, bed and breakfast, holiday homes, rent rooms, apartments. Each kind of need can be satisfied in a simple and rapid way. This diversification make possible to meet all tastes of customers.

For lover of ease and comfortable life, which have clearly more economic disposable, there are the luxurious rooms of hotels and large hotels. Suites with every possible option, from mini bar to TV, from air conditioning to no stop room service. For those who prefer to save on the price of accommodation, there are the extra-hotel structures, which provide comfortable and functional accommodations, offering great value for quality and price. They are mostly bed and breakfast, rooms rental and guest house. Their price depends of course on the types of services offered in addition to basic service which in their case is the provision of breakfast and lodge.

There are different types of rooms at these property: firs of all, the question of the bathrooms. Many b&b rooms have en suite bathroom, that is inserted into the room. Those are the most requested by the customers especially the Italians, very sensitive to this detail. Foreigner enjoy the same way the rooms with private but outdoor bath, still for the exclusive use of customers of the room, but only located out of it. It may be the port side or the opposite. Some facilities offer bathrooms shared between two rooms, as the tradition of original b&b, which at the start was only rooms inside private home, without many services. These are, in principle, the great difference between between the rooms available. Very similar are the "additional services", which may be the full supply of lines and towels, hairdryers, Hi-Fi, TV, air conditioning, minibar and Internet connection.

Unlike the case of the apartments for rent. In fact they are divided in large apartments, loft and studio flat. The latter are never almost provided of bedrooms, but often have sleeping area within open space. In the large size apartments with high carrying capacity, can be found two or more bedrooms.

The furnishing of the various structures are of course under the direct evaluation of the operator: some prefer a sober, minimalist furnishing and design according to the theories of modern type. Others enjoy the splendor of the noble houses, and have a decidedly retro decor.