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Extra-hotel accommodations in Rome

Home holidays in Rome are among those named extra-hotel accommodations, just to indicate the gab between their services and those of the hotel.

So we know that, when we heard speaking about home holidays in Rome, we refer to structures such as bed and breakfasts and guest houses. Home holidays in Rome have experienced in recent years a truly huge development, largely due to prices that can be applied respect to conventional hotels. We can see this development for example in the many daily request for home holiday in Rome received by Travel Agency and employees of the tourism sector. What are the differences between the home holidays and the others extra-hotel accommodations?

Compared to b&b accommodation it differs in some specific reasons: first, home holidays are entire apartment for rent, unlike b&b that left only rooms for rent. The holiday homes usually have kitchen in which the guests could independently prepare meals during the day. Home holidays may be equipped with kitchenette too, without only food, that the guest will care to buy.

The laws that governing this kind of structures are regional kind, enacted directly by the Regions with indication of the Central Government, providing some difference between the various structures, also in relation to the rental periods. For the home holidays are provided contracts never less than seven night and never more than three consecutive months.

Only by respecting these parameters the contract can be considerate in order.

Let available an apartment rather than only a room, makes very different the tasks and the and the earning of these structures. A b&b for example, has the ability to create more revenue, because it can rent two or three rooms in a single day. The home holidays rent an entire apartment with one reservation at time. Despite the lower gain in proportion, these structures avail themselves of the taste of a large share of tourist, who prefer to rent an entire facilities, to ensure full respect of their privacy. Just this turns out to be the strength of home holiday: the exclusivity of the accommodation that is made available to the tourists. The operator of the facility in fact leaves the keys to the guests, that didn't find any roommates inside, as happen in b&b with the guests of the others rooms. For small families or group of friend, the solution of home holiday is really great, because it allows them to stay together in complete peace and privacy.

Regarding the size of these structures, we can say that they are often different from each other: there are studio flats, ideals for couple, but also large apartment with capacity for ten or twelve guests.

The structure can develop on two level, usually with internal stairs linking the different floors. The concept of freedom and confidentiality are applies to the holiday homes for various reason: the absence of the operator, the presence of kitchens and kitchenettes, can completely eliminate the need of timetable and constraints. The guests are able to mange their time at best during his vacation. The holiday home are also in great demands of professionals who travel to Rome for working reasons.

The most sought home holidays are without doubts those located in the town center. These structures are often placed inside buildings of historical importance, and combine the convenience and comfort of their interiors with the extraordinary beauty of the exterior. An opportunity to stay just inside the architectural heritage of Rome. Many the requests for holiday homes located in the peripheral areas too, especially in the vicinity of railways stations or Underground stops. These structures, of course, apply prices lower than those structures of the old town.