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Bed and Breakfast Roma / Your holiday in Rome


Precious tips to spend few days of holiday in Rome

Offers for 2 days in Rome. Prices discounted for short stay of 2 days in Rome. The Web go crazy for short stay offer, like 2 days in Rome, Paris, London, perhaps with packages also include low cost airplane ticket. The slogan 2 days in Rome perfectly expresses one of tendencies of some modern travelers. more

Short holidays and period in the Eternal City

The short terms rentals have emerged in recent years thanks to the work of accommodation like bed and breakfast and guesthouses, which just for short periods see grow the percentage of booking that they receive. The costs they apply also will appeal to young people, among the greatest travelers of all time. more

Rome offers

The Roman's touristic industry of Incoming is one of the most prosperous in the world. This is because Rome is able to attract crowds of tourists interested for various reasons in what the city can offer them.


Holidays in Rome are among the most coveted in the World.
The demand for holidays in Rome is so high as to cover almost all request for other major Italian destinations. more

Accommodation in Rome

Accommodations in Rome of touristic kind are very different each other, just to make available to the customers the solution that best can suit their needs.