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Touristic offers for holidays in Rome

The Roman's touristic industry of Incoming is one of the most prosperous in the world. This is because Rome is able to attract crowds of tourists interested for various reasons in what the city can offer them.

We speak about "various reasons" , because Rome is one of the city that can provide many amenities for all tastes and needs. This had led to an extraordinary presence of Rome offers. Rome offers designed for the many tourists who flock the city. Rome offers about accommodation, guide tours, catering, transportation, everything that can be useful for the travelers.

On all the various reasons we mentioned, there are of course the attraction for cultural tourism. Few places can boast the extraordinary historic, artistic and cultural treasures of Rome. The whole set of architectures, monuments, museums, archeological excavations, make city the firs choice of the tourists interested to the culture.

Rome offer them a wide range of art works from different historical eras, from ancient ruins of the Empire to the imagination of Baroque buildings and monuments, to the ideas of Modernism. A really melting pot of Art and Culture, that is tempting to fans, scholars and students. Not to mentions the museum, among the richest in the world. Worth as an example of all the Vatican Museums, the Galleria Borghese and the Capitolini Museums, which houses many masterpieces of world art. The culture that reign in the city has certainly added value that can increase from year to year the audience of tourists within the city.

Since than the Capital of Italy, Rome is known to host numerous professional activities, such as the many competitions that take place in the ministries . The strong presence of institutions is in itself sufficient to develop a type of tourism that we can call "professional", that covering the whole categories of workers. Moreover the many public offices, conference rooms, meeting places used to make Rome a point of reference for private and public companies, who send their delegates for professional reasons.

Do not forget the "Religion Tourism", which carries crowds of enthusiastic tourists in Rome. The Basilica of San Pietro, the center of Western Christianity, has attracted the attention of the faithful ever since its construction. The neighborhoods immediately adjacent to the Basilica have known a development in the shadow of the Dome, which rises high in the skies of Rome. The link between religion and the city is so close to have brought major changes in urban over the years, giving the city its present look. But not only San Pietro: Rome has inside some of the largest cathedrals in the world, as San Giovanni in Laterano, Santa Maria Maggiore, San Paolo Fouri le Mura (the four Papal Basilcas) and lower houses of worship not certainly less important , such as Santa Maria Maggiore, Santa Maria del Popolo, Santa Maria in Montesanto and Santa Maria dei Miracoli, Trinità dei Monti and many more. Recent initiatives of of faith based, such as the "World's Youth Day"(Pope's Boys), has increased the flow of worshipers in the City, with large gatherings such as Tor Vergata ones, in a suburb area, occurred in 2000 during the celebrations of Jubilee. Its the Jubilee for centuries led the worshipers inside the city, since its first edition, even dated in 1300 (First Holy Year).

Then there are Rome's parks, natural heritage that is located inside the city and that leads the lovers of tourism "environmentalist" to come abundant to the Capital. The myriads of Villas belonging to the roman aristocracy, were provided with ample parks, where many species of animals and plants were protected and preserved. Today the cure and maintenance of this natural heritage still make these places the favorite of national and international visitors: we talk about places like Villa Borghese, Villa Pamphili, Villa Torlonia, il Giardino degli Aranci, il Parco di Colle Oppio and Villa Ada just to name of few of the old town.

The environmental cut flows also in the infamous "Rome's countryside", where are located some villages and towns of great historical and cultural value, such as Palestrina, Tivoli, Frascati and Genazzano. All this offer diversification, makes Rome one of the most touristic city in the World. The direct consequence is the development took place during the centuries of the Incoming Industry and of receiving guests. The old inns have given way to hotels and gust houses, to reach to the most modern facilities extra-hotel, such as bed and breakfasts, cottages, rental rooms and holiday homes.

These structures have known a considerable development in recent years, finding favor of many tourist because they can associate to the broad range of services offered, prices very low compared to the prices of the hotel solutions. In our web site we present a careful selection of some of the best accommodations in Rome, especially apartments and bed and breakfasts, allowing guests to immerse themselves totally in the charming atmosphere of the historic city center. These structures are able to arouse the curiosity and interest of every type of tourist, by the lovers of culture to the Catholic faithful, by the environmentalists to the professionals. Book a stay in one of our rooms is a good and cheap way to discover the city thoroughly in all its facets.