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1 . What is the difference between simple and extra-hotel accommodation?
They are in both cases accommodations, with the same purpose, namely those related to the welcoming of tourists. The simple accommodations are all the solutions offered by the hotels. To them in recent years, was accompanied the work of other kind of structures, the extra-hotel ones, which have an own Regional kind of regulations.  They offer to the customers overnights in structures such as bed and breakfasts, holiday homes, guest houses, holiday farms and rural homes. We are talking about the exploitation of particular buildings, originally build for different purpose and than used in a new way, just for delivering tourism services.

2 . What kind of services they offer?
The services offered are similar to those of traditional structures, such as the hotels when is in use the half board. Structures such as b&b offers a bed and a breakfast. Of course every facilities could offer a range of additional services at will, depending on the availability of the operator, services as air conditioning, Hi-Fi Stereo or TV. Structures such as holiday homes or guest houses are not even obliged to provide to the breakfast between its services, and they must adhere to the only bed. In terms of turnover, the farm houses the proceeds obtained from tourist services must never exceed the income obtained from agricultural produces, which must always represent the largest share of the annual income.

3 . Why the extra-hotel structures are cheaper than the simple ones?
In general, the supply of "basic" services, allow to keep lower prices than those charged by traditional structures. This is the reason why b&b, holiday homes and guest houses were able to pose themselves as much competitive with traditional structures. 

4 . Which rules and laws follow the extra-hotel structures?
In terms of rules, the operator can produce a set of rules for its structures, related in particular to the type of behavior to hold inside, or related to the disputes of various kind, or the method of payment, or to the schedule of arrival and departure. As for the rules that set out the directives of management, we have already mentioned to a Regional and Municipal legislation. This means that every Region and every Municipality may enact its own laws regarding this topic. We suggest therefore to consult the various Regional laws and Municipal ordinances.

5 . How can we open a bed and breakfast or a guest house?
Opening a bed and breakfast has very simple rules. It all boils down to obtaining permission to perform this kind of activities. The authorization are provided by agencies such as Region and Municipality, but also by some Tourism Institution, such as TPA (Tourist Promotion Agency). The rules to follow are those concerning the estabilishment of plants in accordance with the directives of safety of all guests. The documentation to submit to the Institutions is tied to the property that we will use, such as ownership documents, site plan and so on.

6 . How long does it takes to obtain the necessary authorizzation?
After the presentation of documents, the regulation provide waiting a period of about two months, to allow Agencies and Institutions to carry out inspections of the building and the structure. After this period, if there were no irregularities, the authorization is considerate valid and the operator can start with its activities. 

7 . What kind of obstacles might arise?
Once delivered the documentation, the only impediment is linked to the feedback by the technical of some deficiencies or lack correspondence with the data supplied. Those are problems not related to the services, but to the structure itself: plants not in compliance, lack of emergency exits, fire extinguishers, adequate sanitation. It is important consults before opening a structure, the building's regulations: if it would prevent specifically activities of tourists lodging, the authorization couldn't be granted in any case.

8 . What is exactly a bed and breakfast?
Bed and breakfast are apartments of average carrying capacity, which provide a number of rooms tied on what expect the different laws. Each customers therefore benefit of they own bedroom. In the morning, the administration of breakfast takes place in areas such can be the kitchen or living room. 

9 . What kind of rooms are there in a b&b?
Bed and breakfast can be provided with every kind of rooms: single, double, triple, quadruple and so on. The Regional Laws governing the size of rooms in according to the number of people who can hold. They are equipped with single beds, double beds, sleigh beds, frenchie, sofa beds etc etc.

10 . It's expected the use of kitchen?
No, the use of kitchen is not expected in bed and breakfast, though in the mode specified in paragraph 8. There isn't therefore the ability to cook. If there is a refrigerator, the operator may keep foods at the request of the customers, such as those needed for nutrition of infants.

11 . What is makes available inside the rooms?
As demonstrated in paragraph 2, the whole services offered in the rooms can be of different kind. Everything is linked to the economic availability of the operator, which of course determines the number of services available. We talk about mini bar, TV, Hi-Fi Stereo, air conditioning, heating, DVD player and much more. Regarding the furniture, what a b&b must guarantee, is the presence of a bedside table with lamp, alarm system, table with chairs (one chair for each guests) and a closet for clothes.

12 . What exactly is an apartment for rent?
When you make a reservation for an apartment, you get the chance to take advantage of a whole flat, not only one room as happen inside the bed and breakfast. It still amounts more privacy and independence. Inside the apartment there are also kitchens or kitchenettes, useful for cooking meals during the stay, in the kitchen there is everything you may need, from the stove to the cutlery, from ovens to refrigerators.

13 . What are the rules about cleaning?
The facilities such as bed and breakfast and apartment must be clean everyday, especially in exchange of customers. So the cleanings are daily.

14 . The bathrooms are private or shares with other customers?
In the case of apartment for rent, the bathrooms can only be private, for the absence of other customers within the structure. For the b&b the matter may be different from facility to facility. There are bathroom inside the room, for the exclusive use of its customers. Then there are the private outdoor baths, for the exclusive use of its guests. The outdoor bath can be shared by all customers of the structure.

15 . Where do I gets the keys?
The keys are left by the operator to the customers at the time of his arrival in structure. The latter, will undertake to return them in the day of departure. The custody of the keys allows more freedom to every customers, who are forced to comply with curfew. 

16 . There are fixed hours for check in and check out?
Time tables inside the structures depend on the rules applied by the operator. In principle many of them tend to leave a certain margin of freedom, not to "enact" too strict rules in time of arrival and departure. For check in and check out at inconvenient time, late at night or early in the morning, operators can apply some surcharges.